How to Choose Your Wedding Music According to the Theme of the Reception

Are you still looking for special wedding music, making the most important event of your life truly memorable? Selecting the perfect songs is indeed a difficult mission. All in all, are you going to avoid risks and stick to traditional wedding music, or are you brave enough to choose your own path and make your own playlist to celebrate this wonderful event?

Choose the right wedding music according to the theme of your wedding

Wedding Beach Couple WalkingFirst of all, you have to decide what type of wedding you want to organize. Carefully analyze your preferences and your financial possibilities before making a decision. Do you want to shine during a formal wedding ceremony and a luxurious reception held in a 5-star location? Do you want something less flamboyant, but still very tasteful? Or are you a big fan of simplicity and want to go for the classy beach wedding of your dreams? These days, you could easily find thousands of appealing wedding ideas matching all tastes and budget limitations.

  • Saying “I do” on the beach – This is perhaps the most romantic setting for a memorable wedding. Beach weddings impress with their simplicity and pure romanticism, but still need an appropriate playlist to impress some of the pickiest wedding guests and to maintain a magical atmosphere throughout the entire reception. The wedding music should be as delicate as the sea and the sand. For a small beach ceremony, opt for sweet songs like The La’s – “There she goes”, U2- “The Ocean”, Blondie- “The Tide is High” or New Order-“The Beach”.
  • Rocking the rock and roll wedding – Your parents have tried to talk you out of it over and over again. But you are very determined: you want the perfect rock and roll wedding reception held in your favorite pub. If that’s the case, you will need special wedding music to go with this unconventional wedding theme. Is “November rain” your number one source of inspiration? Personalize this theme by creating a unique playlist which will mesmerize even those who kept advising you to stick to traditional music. Make sure you include at least one of these memorable tracks: Led Zeppelin “All of my love”, Aerosmith “I don’t want to miss a thing”, Journey- “When you love a woman”, Jimi Hendrix “May this be love” and of course Billy Idol- “White wedding”.
  • Organizing the perfect elegant traditional wedding – Your wedding ceremony and reception follow the dreams you had as a little girl: your wear that gorgeous all-white princess wedding gown and he wears a flawless wedding tuxedo. Your wedding party has to display a profound respect for centuries-old traditions and pure elegance. How does this sound like? It sounds like you need an excellent playlist, including oldie but goldie romantic, meaningful hits like Percy Sledge-“ When a man loves a woman”, The Righteous Brothers- “Unchained melody” , Etta James- “At last” or Frank Sinatra- “The way you look tonight”

Make sure you highlight those special moments by playing the right songs

Your entire wedding is special, but there are certain moments which need all your attention, at the most appropriate music to become everlasting memories, like for instance:

  • The first dance – Choose a classic, timeless first dance song, like Ray Charles- “Come rain or come shine”, Celine Dion-“Because you love me”, or Elvis Presley- “Can’t help falling in love”
  • Cake cutting songs – This is an exciting moment so you’ll need to make the most of classical romantic wedding music like Lenny Williams- “Cause I love you” or Keith Urban-“All for you”
  • Bouquet toss songs – You should play a happy, funny song to capture the attention of the audience. Suggestions: Cyndi Lauper- “Girls just want have fun”, Dixie Cups- “Chapel of love” or Shania Twain-“Man! I feel like a woman”.
  • The last dance – It is imperative to end the evening with a special song, sending a powerful message, like Frank Sinatra “All the way” or Rosemary Clooney- “The last dance”.

No matter what you decide about your wedding music, you have to find tunes you truly like, which mean something to you and your soon-to-be spouse. Keep in mind that these songs have to be catchy and melodious enough to meet the tastes and preferences of a diverse audience with high expectations.


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